Samsonite 28” Inova Spinner Luggage Review

For the past hundred years Samsonite have been establishing their brand as the number one destination for superior travel bags, luggage, and accessories. If you’re looking for any luggage purchase with an innovative design that uses the latest technological advancements, Samsonite is the place to look. Just taking a look at their 28-inch Inova Spinner Suitcase we already get a durable and compact checked suitcase with solid hardside design and plenty of visible packing space; a professional business look with equally classy colors to spice up your lifestyle on the go – and that’s just from a glance. During this review we’ll delve deeper into this particular Samsonite bag, looking at all the things which make it great (or even not-so-great) compared to other competitor brand designs. Get the complete Samsonite 28” Inova Spinner Luggage review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 85 out of 100
Durability: 90 out of 100
Samsonite 28 inches Luggage Inova Spinner Review


When talking about a hard side suitcase and how compact it is, luggage professional typically mean that sleek organized profile which doesn’t have the added texturing but is simple and ballistic resistant with the majority of its storage space on the interior if the suitcase. This 28-inch checked suitcase is the epitome of a compact design and offers a strong exterior with a single pole telescopic handle and 360-degree motion spinner wheels. Additionally, it has a very masculine design with great color options and a sleek body that looks great wherever you go traveling.

Samsonite 28 inches Luggage Inova Spinner Review


Unlike softside suitcases which offer added storage in the form of exterior pockets, all this suitcases storage capacity is located on the interior; at 28 inches this is a maximum non-expanding capacity of up to 120 liters. That much space is around the equivalent of packed outfits for up to 2 ½ weeks of travel with room to spare depending on how you pack. The interior of the suitcase is split into two zipper divided sections, each section with tie-down straps for keeping your clothes wrinkle free while also offering more packing space at a cinch. With a divided interior, travelers are given plenty of space to organize different clothes or belongings away from one another, or even to do couples packing – men’s on one side, women’s on the other. The one major storage draw back is that there are no extra pockets or included toiletry kits for added organization that keep liquids/etcetera away from your clothing. Other competitor brands like AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Suitcase might just have Samsonite beat in the organizational department.

Samsonite 28 inches Luggage Inova Spinner Review


With its compact design sense this suitcase features a very basic and tidy interior with double sets of adjustable tie down straps and secure watertight dual zippered linings. The intire interior is lined with a watertight lining, and due to the single pole functionality of the telescopic handle the interior also offers more room that isn’t obstructed by the shape of a dual pole entering the suitcase. Another fantastic feature is the double spinner wheels – 8 wheels altogether – which offer multifunctional 360-degree rotation so that your suitcase can roll along beside you, behind you, or in front of you when an airport is at its most crowded. One drawback is that spinner wheels are not as durable against urban streets – compared to in-line skate wheels which are the most durable. Other great features which will help your back and legs out are the dual haul carry handles for lifting your suitcase safely down from the luggage carousel at the end of your journey.

Samsonite 28 inches Luggage Inova Spinner Review


Unpacked this suitcase arrives to your door weighing 11 pounds. Now, this is a bit heavier than most would like for a checked suitcase, after all the imposed weight limit for most national and international airlines is typically 50 pounds; however, the tradeoff is that this suitcase is easily one of the most durable on the market, and therefore you get more weight with the benefit of more protection for your belongings. At an 11-pound starting weight you’ll need to be careful not to go over the 50-pound limit, otherwise you will be paying additional fees while checking in. Other lightweight options – though with a much lower durability and higher potential of being damaged – include competitor designs like Delsey’s Helium Aero 29-inch Expandable Suitcase which only weighs 10 pounds.

Samsonite 28 inches Luggage Inova Spinner Review


When compared against that Delsey design however, Samsonite still comes out on top in the durability department – this is where their company really proves themselves against other brands. This particular Hard Side Samsonite Inova Spinner Suitcase is crafted from 100% Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate, which is a high-tech material designed for reliability and high-impact resistance and much stronger than both ABS and ABS/PC-Film blends. The surface is very scratch resistant as well as watertight, and the security of the bag is even ensured by the strong edition of an integrated 3-digit TSA lock. Other durability features include a textured shell finish which virtually eliminates the visibility of scratches that are caused, as well as spinner wheels which are screwed into the frame of the suitcase rather than weakly riveted. One of the only drawbacks we can see is that two-pole handles are typically much more durable than one-pole handles because they are less likely to bend; however, this single pole design is made from aircraft grade aluminum, so it might just be strong enough to outlast all other two-pole competitors.

Samsonite 28 inches Luggage Inova Spinner Review


The Inova collection from Samsonite offers a style which is sleek and business friendly, it’s a great suitcase for professional men and women and it’s also guaranteed to protect all your papers and electronics while off conducting business in a different state or foreign country. Select colors for this collection include Silver, Indigo Blue, and Metallic Silver; our favorite pick from this collection is the Indigo Blue as it’s the most fashion forward style we’ve seen for this suitcase and its guaranteed to compliment any traveler.

Samsonite 28 inches Luggage Inova Spinner Review


At 28 inches this suitcase will need to be checked before security rather than carried onto the plane, and so for most flights you will need to pay additional fees for your checked bag. However, measuring entirely at 29.75 inches x 21.0 inches x 12.0 inches and offering over 100 liters of packing space, this is the ideal suitcase for a long vacation away from home. It’s guaranteed to fit all your clothes for under a 3-week trip while also offering added room for any souvenirs you pick up along the way. Unlike some hardside suitcases, this brand does not offer many expanding cases, and therefore this case is quite compact and typically weighs in the same at every airport throughout your travels.


This Samsonite bag comes with a great 3-year warranty that will cover the repairs or replacements of any parts, as well as cover fixups on rips and tears so long as they are the fault of a manufacturing or airline error and not the fault of a careless owner. Usually you can contact Samsonite for a luggage consultation and tell them the issue you’ve been having, then typically all shipping costs to their repair facility are paid out of pocket; any repairs or replacements are covered by Samsonite as well as return shipping.

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Favorite multifunctional checked luggage

Spinner luggage is a favorite for most travelers because it’s so multifunctional and easy to pull along beside, behind, or in front of you wherever you are on the road. The main drawback is the amount of spinner luggage on the market and deciding what you want: soft shell over hard shell, durability over weight, capacity over practicality? Where Samsonite’s 28-inch Inova Suitcase is concerned, their main design focus was on the protection of your belongings; this suitcase is extremely durable and offers a maximum of protection throughout all of your journeys no matter where they take you. The storage capacity isn’t bad either, offering over 130 liters of packing space for extended travels all across the globe.

  • Strong polycarbonate blended material.
  • Fantastic 360-degree multidirectional wheels.
  • Business professional style sense.
  • Not much of an organizational design; no extra pockets, etc.
  • Single pole telescopic handle.
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Samsonite 28” Inova Spinner Luggage Review
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