BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase Laptop Handbag Messenger Business Bags for Men Review

BOSTENTEN is a global online bag company known for their highly stylish, classy, and durable Bostenten men’s leather business bags; their collection includes handbags, briefcases, travel bags, computer bags, and backpacks. Their bag factory mainly deals with designing, producing and exporting all kinds of genuine leather bags, and they’ve been designing and improving their products in the Greater London England area for years now. Customer favorites when it comes to the BOSTENTEN brand is that they have one of the world’s largest fashion catalogues for just men’s bags, they set most of the new trends for high quality luggage products, and their cutting-edge fashion accessories are sourced from thousands of designs with superior craftsmanship and loads of research. Today their catalogue features over 1000 different bags and counting, with new products being turned out each year in cutting edge collections. Also, compared to similar brands like Augus – just take a look at their Genuine Leather Travel briefcase – BOSTENTEN bags are much more affordable for the average business person. Want a fantastic gift for your husband or father? We certainly suggest taking a look at BOSTENTEN’s catalogue. Get the complete Bostanten Leather Briefcase Laptop Business Bag for Men Review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 90 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 90 out of 100
BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase Laptop Handbag Messenger Business Bags for Men Review


In our review of Bostenten men’s leather business bags we’re taking a specific look at this spiffy leather shoulder-strap briefcase, and in this section we’re particularly focused on its design. Unlike the typical image when comes to mind when you think of a briefcase – for instance Jack&Chris Men’s Leather Briefcase – this unique bag is designed almost as a 3-in-1 and includes the storage open/close aspect of a briefcase with the protective padding of a laptop bag as well as the depth and functionality of messenger bag (or handbag). Because of this the design includes two methods of carry: via handle or adjustable shoulder strap. The design further features multiple compartment’s for added organization, and especially for separating snacks/etcetera from more expensive technologies like a laptop computer. All in all, this briefcase features a highly functional design that’s not just useful, but at a glance also very fashionable.

BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase Laptop Handbag Messenger Business Bags for Men Review


Other brands will have a hard time competing with the storage space allotted in this single briefcase design. It’s not your average flat-bottomed briefcase with minimal storage capacity and ability to organize, in fact this briefcase even expands for up to 10% more room for files, folders, or your IPAD along with your computer. The briefcase contains one large inner compartment which is padded for added security and easily holds your less than 17-inch laptop (or your IPAD, IPone, A4 file, and other business accessories). Additional design features provide this bag with a cell phone pocket, one inner zippered pocket for writing instruments/etcetera, and two 2 exterior pockets (one with zipper closure and the other with magnetic). The exterior pockets are a customer favorite as they allow instant access to things like ID badges, cellphone, car keys, etcetera.

BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase Laptop Handbag Messenger Business Bags for Men Review


This genuine leather briefcase features two methods of carrying, an adjustable shoulder strap made from black durable nylon webbing, and a leather stitched carry handle which is traditional to the briefcase design. BOSTENTEN has included a massive central storage space as well as 5 additional pockets for added storage as well as added organizability. No backpack is this stylish, even if it does offer more central room. Other features include long ease of use zipper pulls, hooks for removing the shoulder strap, and the embossed BOSTENTEN logo design so that you can show off your one-of-a-kind briefcase wherever you walk.

BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase Laptop Handbag Messenger Business Bags for Men Review


Shoulder weight is often a concern with this type of messenger bag – after all, why do you think so many professionals still carry backpacks into the office? However, with this particular design Bostenten focused their design efforts on equal distribution of weight with pockets from and back, as well as organized weight in the center compartment. With an adjustable body the briefcase strap is made to situate weight comfortably against you side when not being carried by the handle, and because of this the briefcase easily holds between 10 and 20 pounds with no strain on the material of the bag. The shipping weight of the product is extremely light at 2.7 pounds, and it will easily accompany you onto a plane as either your carry-on, or just as a personal item in addition to your suitcase.

BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase Laptop Handbag Messenger Business Bags for Men Review


All BOSTENTEN briefcases are made from cow split leather. Cow split leather comes from cow’s skin, genuine leather. It is harmless to human health and more durable than vinyl, while vinyl is all made of chemical material and irritating to human. It is also often coated with various colors and patterns to create a unique handbag that no one else owns except for you, and the moderate genuine leather is soft and anti-scratch for even more durability. To create a vintage and noble look, the leather is often polished and oiled which makes the surface shinier and sleeker. The more you use the briefcase, the more retrospective it will be. Other durability features include the nylon shoulder strap with brass alloy hooks, along with brass pull tab zippers; now, these aren’t as durable as aluminum, but for every day to day use they shouldn’t pose any trouble. The zip top closure includes a single heavy-duty zipper which opens and closes smoothly to negate your belongings falling out.

BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase Laptop Handbag Messenger Business Bags for Men Review


All leathers for this style of briefcase are made from genuine cow leather and stained to match a specific color upon choice while you’re checking out, these style options feature over 6 different shades on a spectrum of brown and black with classifications and color grades listed. It is the professional opinion of the brand that these suitcases actually appreciate in value as the leather ages, so even 5 years down the line your work bag will be a striking classic. Other style options exist for smaller briefcases from this company, but we suggest for the best business suitcase that you go with the full sized 17.3”. All hardware is made from genuine metal durable enough for daily use, and the retro brass alloy colored gun metal silver is very handsome looking. Also, it’s worth noting that this briefcase is actually quite fantastic for coming in brown or black, where other companies typically only sell just black or just brown; Samsonite’s Leather Expandable Briefcase is a great example of this limitation.

BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase Laptop Handbag Messenger Business Bags for Men Review


This cow split leather original measures (L)17.32″ x (W)4.52″ x (H)12″ inches and is the ideal fit for a laptop or tablet at or under 17 inches. It’s perfectly fitted for folders and keeping important company papers crisp, while extra padded and thick enough to protect electronics and other paraphernalia safe against water damage. For longer travels by air this briefcase is the perfect size to accompany you onto the plane as a personal item, and still allows you to travel with an appropriately sized carry-on bag. For women, remember that many airlines are no longer counting a purse hung with a briefcase as 1 personal item; so pack the smaller purse into this much bigger briefcase before boarding.


Bostanten doesn’t specify a warranty on their website, however they do encourage customers to reach out to them with any questions or issues regarding the product purchased. Based on the materials used and the love of design which goes into every product, it is our opinion that these bags will rarely depreciate in value, and that they’re guaranteed to protect your belongings at all stages of a trip – even if its just from your front door to the office. You can contact Bostanten right from their website with any further concerns. Select briefcases do list a one-year warranty.

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A fantastic men’s briefcase from quality cow split leather

Bostanten makes a fantastic men’s briefcase from quality cow split leather with fantastic stitching, up to 6 pockets, with a massive central storage space and a pocket specifically for your laptop. This briefcase is guaranteed to offer a maximum leather durability and improve with age; its available in a full size of 17.5 inches. With the addition of hardware made from genuine metal durable enough for daily use, and the retro brass alloy colored gun metal silver, the briefcase in question is truly good looking and ideal for any office environment.

  • Up to 6 different organizational pockets.
  • Laptop pocket; fits up to 17-inch computer.
  • Made from genuine cow split leather.
  • Limited style selection at maximum size.
  • Flimsy side strap metal hooks.
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Bostanten Leather Briefcase Laptop Business Bag for Men Review
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