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From one of the world’s leading luggage brands, Samsonite, comes their five-piece luggage set that will ensure you are ready to tackle any type of trip that comes your way. It is a sturdy, lightweight set that comes with two upright suitcases, one of which is a large 26-inch hold case, and the other being a 22-inch upright carry on. Allowing you to place the items you need in the hold while keeping any travel essentials and documents to hand at all times. Along with the two upright suitcases comes a large duffel bag, a boarding bag, and a toiletries bag. They have all been made to the high standards that Samsonite sets, with the fabric being 1200D rugged polyester, giving you the durability that you have come to expect from such a well-known brand. Get the complete Samsonite Luggage Set 5-Piece Nested Luggage Set review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 85 out of 100
Storage: 90 out of 100
Weight: 80 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
samsonite luggage set


The Samsonite Luggage Set has been designed for people who are looking for a suitcase set, although they are not too concerned about the latest features, yet still require a durable and confident suitcase set. The inline skate wheels have been around for a long time now, although you may feel that it is hard to go back to using them if you are now used to the spinner wheels. The subtle design ensures that more focus has been put into the actual use of the suitcases and not the style itself. It seems more like a 4 piece suitcase set, with a toiletry bag, which you can choose whether to use.

samsonite luggage set


The two upright suitcases come complete with two exterior pockets, one small pocket towards the top of the suitcase, and one large towards the bottom. These two pockets allow you to keep your travel documents and travel essentials on hand at all times, giving easy access when you need it most. Inside the two upright suitcases, you will find a large, spacious, main compartment for your clothing, which will be held in place by two straps, which keep your clothes secure in your suitcase throughout your journey. You will also find a mesh-lined zip pocket, which is ideal for storing your loose items, which will make unpacking easy and quick when your suitcase is tidy. The smallest bag, the travel kit, has a large main compartment and one exterior pocket, allowing you to place your toiletries inside. The duffel bag and the boarding bag each has a large, spacious, interior section, which will allow you to store a large number of items, along with multiple exterior pockets. You can see straight away that Samsonite has taken storage in mind when designing these suitcases, giving you ample options to keep your luggage tidy.

samsonite luggage set


The suitcase set comes with some of the modern features, such as the self-mending zippers, and multiple pockets. However, the inline skate wheels are fairly old technology now, with people being able to breeze past you at the airport, while you struggle to turn and navigate with a heavy suitcase. The ergonomic telescopic handle allows you to use this suitcase set without putting too much strain on your hand, making it easier to use for longer periods of time. Unlike the Nicole Miller Taylor Set of 4, the suitcases are unable to expand, so you may not be able to take all those souvenirs back from holiday that you really wanted to, especially if you have packed the suitcases full to start with.

samsonite luggage set


Samsonite has attempted to reduce the weight in these suitcases, with the large upright suitcase weighing in at 11.4 lbs, which is rather heavy for the size. The upright carry on suitcase weighs in at 9.4 lbs, compared to the carry on in the Steve Madden Luggage 3 Piece Hard Case Suitcase Set With Spinner Wheels, the Samsonite is around 2 lbs heavier. The duffel bag weighs in at 3.2 lbs, and it has achieved this weight by keeping features to a minimum. The boarding tote weighs in at 2.6 lbs, and the travel kit weighs in at 0.6 lbs. The two upright suitcases are a little bit on the heavier side, however, due to the basic nature of the three smaller bags, they are lightweight and durable.

samsonite luggage set


Samsonite is a well-known brand in the luggage industry, and it could only achieve that by consistently focusing on providing great quality products at a low price. The soft-sided cases are made from a durable 1200D rugged polyester fabric that will protect your items inside and it is strong. The zippers are on point that luggage brands tend to overlook, however, Samsonite has tackled this head-on, providing large self-mending coil zippers, which will make sure that your luggage will continue to work, even after packing too many items and trying to close. It has been known for some of the straps to come loose and not feel as strong and stable as the Samsonite of old, however, if you take care of these cases they will withstand a lot of abuse that is commonplace at the airport and during travel.

samsonite luggage set


This luggage set really does look like premium luggage, it is sleek, sophisticated, and rather subdued. It will look the part in all sorts of situations, whether that is a business meeting, a weekend away, or even a trip to a paradise island, the Samsonite suitcases will stay looking professional and perfect for those who do not want to bring attention to themselves as it will blend into the crowd. Available in a range of block colors, black, gray, blue, and red, you will be sure to find one that you like. Each suitcase comes with black trim on the zips, along with the signature metal Samsonite logo, which is the hallmark of quality.

samsonite luggage set


This Samsonite luggage set comes with only two upright suitcases, along with a number of smaller bags. The large upright suitcase measures in at 26 x 18 x 10 inches, which is fairly large and you will be able to fit a fair number of items inside. The upright carry on measures in at 22 x 14 x 9 inches, and although on the edge of what is allowed as cabin luggage, it would be best to check with your airline carrier before arriving at the airport. The duffel bag measures in at 13 x 19 x 12.5 inches, and give you an ample amount of storage space. The boarding tote measures in at 11 x 14 x 10 inches, allowing you to take it on board with no issues and slide under the seat in front. The toiletry bag measures in at 7 x 11 x 5 inches, which will fit nicely inside one of the other bags. Although spacious, it is not the largest suitcase set available. In comparison, the Lily Bloom Luggage 3 Piece Softside Spinner Suitcase Set is significantly bigger, therefore, you may struggle with the maximum size of the large suitcase.


The Samsonite Luggage 5 Piece Nested Set comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Samsonite is confident in their cases, as they rigorously test them to ensure that the suitcases you trust meet strict standards. If you do have a problem with any of the Samsonite suitcases and it is caused by manufacturing defects in material and workmanship, simply claim on the warranty.

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Well priced, versatile luggage set!

The Samsonite Luggage Set is a well priced, versatile luggage set which is strong and durable, giving you suitcases that will last a long time. However, they do lack the modern features and are slightly on the heavier side, so bear this in mind when deciding on what is most important for you.

  • Professional look
  • 10-year warranty
  • Durable
  • Self-mending zips
  • Heavy
  • Smaller size
  • Inline skate wheels
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