Nine West 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set Review

Nine West was named for its founding location in the Solow Building at 9 West 57th Street in New York City. In 1983, Nine West opened its first specialty retail store in Stamford, Connecticut. Initially founded as a fashion footwear brand Nine West soon expanded to include handbags, sunglasses, leg wear, outerwear, jewelry, belts, watches, cold weather accessories, hats, scarves/wraps, and eyewear. After the launch of handbags in 1995, Nine West expanded to dresses, suits and children’s footwear. Today their luggage line is nothing to laugh at and includes set designs which are the perfect companion for any traveler, male or female, especially the business professional constantly moving from place to place and meeting to meeting. Their 3-piece Hardside Set in Black is one of our favorites and the main focus of this review, so sit back and relax, because ladies and gentlemen odds are you’ve found your next set of travel bags.

Design: 92 out of 100
Storage: 93 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 85 out of 100
nine west luggage set


Don’t worry, if plain black isn’t your thing these Nine West suitcases are designed with more feminine options available, however each suitcase no matter is coloring come with the same design features and the perks Nine West designers thought to include. Each suitcase operates on a 4-wheel spinner system for 360-degree motion that is both quick and convenient; for this reason each luggage piece is equipped with a sleek telescopic handle (in gold for added flair) as well as taught haul handles for even the trickiest and smallest of traveling confines. This Nine West Luggage set features your standard 3-piece design with a 20-inch carry-on, 24-inch medium checked bag (interchangeable as a carry-on for select flights), and 28-inch full checked bag. The only downside is that these bags are slightly more expensive than their competitor sets like the Nicole Miller Madison Collection, however in comparison they’re lighter weight, fairly durable, and made for all travelers no matter the gender.

nine west luggage set


At the included sizes and without zippered expansion storage capacity is made up from the bulk of all three bags rather than the advancements of one expanding suitcase, however we like that this ensures there are no no-essential set pieces and that when you travel with more suitcases you greatly benefit from the extra packing space. To begin with, the carry-on offers 30 liters of packing space – this is great for your short business trips between 1 to 3 days, but with longer stays away you’ll want to add in the medium checked bag with 65 additional liters. Together that’s ideal for a week to 2 weeks away from home without the hassle of needing to rent a hotel room or flat with a washer and dryer. Finally, the large suitcase comes equipped with 95 liters of packing space for a 2-week trip’s worth of clothing all on its own with room to spare. Other storage concerns have been covered by the manufacturer and include a fully lined interior with a zippered divider between the bottom and top of the suitcase (when opening), which includes a stretch pocket for shoes as well as tie-down straps to keep everything in place and tighten your clothes down for extra room. Unfortunately a clip-in toiletry kit is not included, as seen in luggage designs like Rocklands 4-Piece Set, but many travelers prefer to pack their own toiletry go-bags so this isn’t too big a hassle.

nine west luggage set


Unlike 8-wheel spinner designs, the suitcases in this Nine West Luggage Set feature more durable single wheels, of which there are 4 and all wheels are screwed into the suitcase rather than weakly riveted to the frame. To help with the forward, backward, and side to side motion of the spinner wheels, this suitcase is equipped with a long ergonomic aluminum handle plated in stylish gold hardware accenting. Haul handles are also included at the top and side of each suitcase to make it easier and safer to remove cases from a carousel or down from the overhead compartment, no matter the age or build of the traveler. Interior include a zippered divider between two compartments, a stretch pocket for shoes and added organization, along with tie-down straps and a fully water-tight Nine West signature lining.

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It’s clear from their starting weight values (unpacked) that each of the suitcases in this Nine West luggage set have been designed to keep lightweight and help travelers skirt under those pesky imposed weight limits and the added fees which can come from an overweight suitcase. At 20-inches the carry-on items weighs in around 5.9 pounds, which is extremely impressive when compared to carry-on’s of the same size like the Samsonite Framelock Carry-on which is surprisingly heavy for a carry-on that needs to stay around 30-40 pounds when packed. Next in line, the medium bag weighs in at 8.1 pounds which is a decent starting weight and pretty simple to keep under the typical imposed limit of 50 pounds for a checked bag. When using the 24-inch suitcase interchangeably as a carry-on, it will be harder to keep your suitcase under 30-40 pounds, so always pack strategically and double check weights and sizes with your airline. Last but not least, the large checked bag clocks in at a hefty 12.7 pounds, so keep an eye on what you pack and how you pack, because you can quickly go over 50 pounds with the massive storage space included in this bag.

nine west luggage set


The suitcases in this set offer medium-low durability as they’re made from ABS materials which are weaker than suitcases that employ Polycarbonate (PC) or Polypropylene (PP). However, with a smart design each suitcase employs rigid metal interior structuring to increase the bags durability and keep it from denting or stretching while out on the road or tightly packed with loads of belongings. Additionally, the outside features a thin layer of textile coating for added look and scratch resistance. Other durability measures include spinner wheel which are screwed into the frame of the suitcase and made from strong polyurethane, self-repairing zippers, and durably made haul handles with strong stretching attachments for safe carrying. The durability of the telescopic handle is rather on the low side and made from aluminum components which knock back and forth as the handle is extended, however this is the only feature we’ve found fault with at this time and verified customers have reported that their belongings (above all else) have benefitted from the suitcases extra protection.

nine west luggage set


The style overall is business formal, especially if you’re traveling with this suitcase in plain black with the gold hardware accents and silver stripe signature front. However, other style options are available and include smokey purple which many men might prefer over regular black, as well as the feminine favorite White/Grey/Black which is features a striking rose pattern in old-timey black and white. For the third option only you get the added durability of PC film, as a thin layer of polycarbonate is used to create the rose print design and also adds a stronger outer layer that’s more abrasion resistant than the style options in purple and black. Each suitcase comes with the embossed plaque logo which announces that your suitcase is a Nine West original.

nine west luggage set


Final measurements for this set so that you can compare them to your typical luggage needs and carry-on sizes, or even just the size requirements for your preferred airline, are as follows: the carry-on measures in at 20.47″ x 14.72″ x 9.25 inches. Next in line, the medium bag measures in at 24.48″ x 17.61″ x 11 inches, with the large checked bag coming in at 28.5″ x 20.5″ x 12.7 inches. Unlike other set designs, it’s worth noting that the width of each suitcase in this set vary and greatly affect the amount of space you’re given to pack. For the medium and large checked bags this has also made their starting weights higher, so smart packing is a must to keep your luggage under the typical 50 pound limit.


All three suitcases in this Nine West Luggage Set collection come with a 5 year warranty covering damage from manufacturing errors or poor-quality materials which results in scratching, dents, or breakage. Contact your distributor or Nine West for more information and for warranty coverage; also make sure you keep the receipt after purchasing your new luggage. Nine West will not cover damages that are the result of mishandling or negligence on the owners or airlines part.

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Equipped with different style choices

There are no non-essential suitcases when it comes to Nine West’s Hardside 3-Piece Collection; each suitcase has a purpose and fulfills the need for durability during travel as well as extra storage space for everything you take with you and anything you might bring back home from your travels. These suitcases are equipped with different style choices that are ideal for the businessman or just the fashionable traveler with a sleek fashion sense, additionally style options are all great for both men and women and thereby complement all travelers and every outfit with a one-of-a-kind look that rolls along right beside you.

  • ABS, textile, and Metal materials make for a sleek look and durable design.
  • 360-degree spinner wheels for full motion and convenient travel.
  • Excellent 5-year warranty.
  • ABS isn’t as strong as polycarbonate or polypropylene hardshell materials.
  • Clip-in toiletry kit not included
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