Pathfinder Leather Laptop School Backpack Review

The Pathfinder brand caters to travelers who prefer a lightweight structure, an increased durability on adventures, a functional style with multiple pockets, and the possibility of extra packing capacity. Typically, this brand is favored by athletes, backpackers, rock climbers, sport fishermen, and more! However, this isn’t just any travel backpack, and what you’ll easily see with the design of Pathfinder’s Leather School Bag is their facility to branch out and provide luggage for all travelers on the move. This is a bag designed for the masses, capable of comfortably holding the adventurers ski-boots just as easily as the professional’s textbooks or computers. It maximizes on its durability for all terrains and conditions in addition to its ability to meet different airline requirements as a personal item in addition to another carry-on suitcase for even more traveling potential.  Get the complete 1. Pathfinder Leather Backpack School College Book-bag Laptop Computer Backpack review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
Pathfinder Leather Backpack School College Bookbag Laptop Computer Backpack Review


Pathfinders Leather College Bag is designed more on the fashion forward side and features a great look for any guy who knows that keeping your image pristine is often half of what matters in the professional world. This is also a unique pick from the pathfinder catalogue which normally doesn’t produce luggage or accessories in leather, and so far we like what we see and enjoy how chic this college bag will look on a campus or even as your work backpack into the law firm. The design features both front and side secured zipper pockets, durably stitched sleek leather adjustable shoulder straps, and even a top haul handle for easy weight lifting into overhead compartments without hurting your back.

Pathfinder Leather Backpack School College Bookbag Laptop Computer Backpack Review


The massive interior of this backpack is ideal for all your textbook and laptop needs and it even includes three extra interior pockets for added organization. The first two are button-closed front and back pockets which can easily fit pencils, glasses case, a tablet device, and cellphone. Attached into the back-button pocket is a third face mesh zippered pocket that’s great for pencils, notecards, etcetera. Pathfinder’s unique leather exterior offers even more packing potential with the addition of 4 extra pockets; first near the top of the bag is a small zippered pocket which is very secure and ideal for your wallet or phone as well as an ID card. On either side of the backpack are two zippered side pockets that are quite roomy; the lower face of the backpack includes a deep zippered pocket which can fit an extra sweater or even just your IPAD or an extra book for school or the bus.

Pathfinder Leather Backpack School College Bookbag Laptop Computer Backpack Review


Carry books, documents and everyday essentials with this classic backpack from Pathfinder. It’s designed lightweight and comfortable with adjustable high-quality leather straps and durable nylon webbing adjustments; the useful pack makes it easy to transport necessary school supplies from home or dorm room to class and back again and offers 3 interior pockets on top of 4 exterior pockets. The flexible storage space in this leather original makes getting out the door in the morning that much easier. The classic backpack’s large interior provides plenty of space for a couple of textbooks, a large binder and a few spiral notebooks. All leather components are 100% genuine cow leather and worked with superb stitching and craftsmanship to provide a final product which is very durable (even against water damage) and offers that leather benefit of improving with age. Other backpacks like this Laptop Computer Rucksack made from PU leather just aren’t the same and compared to Pathfinder’s pick, and they will depreciate in value.

Pathfinder Leather Backpack School College Bookbag Laptop Computer Backpack Review


Weighing approximately 2.3 pounds empty, and with adjustable straps for handling whatever you pack into it – after all those college textbooks can be very heavy – this is a great leather laptop backpack for keeping things lightweight no matter how far you have to walk on campus or in a crowded airport. This backpack can be worn over your shoulders to distribute weight evenly across your body for the best lift which is also better for your back, but in a pinch or when things are crowded this backpack also includes a superb top carry handle for simple hefting.

Pathfinder Leather Backpack School College Bookbag Laptop Computer Backpack Review


Durability won’t be a concern with this scratch resistant and water tight backpack which is actually made from high quality cow leather and crafted with durability and stylish design as equal components. The entire backpack features superior craftsmanship, from the adjustable nylon webbing straps with real metal hardware to the self-repairing zippers that feature long zipper pulls. Interiors of the bag offers strong button closing pockets and a zippered mesh pocket, as well as a watertight treated inner lining. Another great thing which adds to this overall durability is the quality of the leather; PU leather which is essentially ‘imitation leather’ tends to depreciate in look and protective value over time, whereas backpacks like this from Pathfinder and other’s like Bostenten’s Men’s Leather Laptop Bag are made from genuine cow leather which actually improves in look and durability with aging.

Pathfinder Leather Backpack School College Bookbag Laptop Computer Backpack Review


Made from quality fashioned leather and available in two very sleek and business professional colors – black/red and black/beige – this backpack is a fantastic fashion accessory to add to your closet. We think both men and women will love this addition to their college or business wardrobe, especially since it’s a fashion accessory which can carry so much while looking good slung over a shoulder. Likewise, since it’s made of leather, it’s the style of backpack which can be used safely anywhere including out hiking on a long day trip. The leather will only improve in value over time and since its genuine leather it’s very scratch resistant for those times you go bush-whacking up the side of a mountain. Another customer favorite feature is that this bag is perfect for both men and women, whereas other leather backpacks like Bertashce’s Computer Bookbag were clearly designed with only one gender in mind.

Pathfinder Leather Backpack School College Bookbag Laptop Computer Backpack Review


If you’re worried about carrying this onto an airplane in addition to your suitcase, don’t be! At 14.8″ x 11″ x 4″ this is the perfect sized backpack to accompany you onto an airplane as a personal item, and for travel it can easily fit several different extra outfits in addition to snacks and your laptop computer or IPAD. The leather laptop backpack is roomy enough hold your 14-inch laptop, A4 books, iPad, cell phone, wallet, umbrella, calculator, glasses case, cosmetic and etcetera. For easy carrying it includes the top haul handle and adjustable shoulder straps; the quick entrance zipper for your cellphone or ID card is right near the top of the backpack, and other pockets are also easily on hand. All in all, this is a great sized leather original from a trusted brand.


Pathfinder luggage offers a standard 10-year limited warranty on all of their full-sized products; they have extended this amazing 10-year warranty over to this leather original. This manufacturer’s warranty will cover the interior and exterior material in the event of any manufacturing defect; however, this coverage does not extend to misuse or mishandling. In the event of broken-zippers, for instance, your warranty should cover the damage. Additionally, natural wear and tear over time isn’t included in the warranty and should be expected to happen over a period of around 7 years. Therefore, make sure you take good care of this suitcase if you want it to last a long time. Odds are, with a brand this good – and its company tradition of using strong materials – this fantastic leather backpack with nylon adjustable webbing and real metal hardware should easily outlive its warranty! After all, the Pathfinder brand’s motto ‘Quality in Everything’ should set the precedent for all their luggage before it’s ever delivered to your door.

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A great school or office companion for the fashion forward professional

Pathfinder Luggage is a travel brand known for producing high quality bags that put durability above all other design factors. Their unique metrosexual Leather College Computer Bag is no exception and becomes a great school or office companion for the fashion forward professional. In addition to its fantastic looks – style options available in two genuine leather colors – this backpack is also extremely durable and features strong zippers as well as superb stitching. Overall, it’s space saving, well designed, and since it’s made from genuine leather its even great for adventures outdoors.

  • Genuine cow tanned leather.
  • Appreciates in value as it ages; great durability for the outdoors.
  • Fits up to a 14-inch laptop or IPAD of equivalent size/smaller.
  • Limited style color options.
  • Does not fit large or even standard laptop computers.
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Pathfinder Leather Laptop School Backpack Review
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